Partnership Program

The goal of the Fluig Channel program is to expand the channel’s portfolio through a partnership that adds value and a product that compliments the software companies are currently using. The solution can be integrated with diverse kinds of technology on the market.

Fluig has Demand Generation and Inside Sales teams that support the channel on finding new clients. They also help with business plans, regional expansion, pre and post sales teams and marketing materials. The channel is also given access to a range of other tools that help increase business.

In addition to these benefits, Fluig also has the Mall, an online fluig Store, that is part of the platform. New tools that are developed by partners, clients and channels can be sold in the store, adding value for everyone who is a part of the platform.

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How does the program work?

The fluig channels program is divided into 3 partnership profiles, Consultancy, Specialist and Software House (OEM). Please see below how they work, and choose one that best fits your profile.

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For specialized companies with great knowledge in process management. It meets the demand of customers seeking improvements in internal processes, focusing on a specific industry or general public. It allows for process modeling and performing processes with BPMN 2.0 through fluig, and it may benefit from fluig Store as a showcase for processes developed by the consultancy.

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Integrators, technology or process consultancies, resales of own or third-party systems with high consultative selling ability and capacity for deploying fluig.

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Software House (OEM)

The partner can use fluig to improve the perceived value of products, adding fluig native solutions and updating the interface for their customers. fluig Software House goes to market with its solution developed based on fluig platform, and it can create new fronts and even new markets.

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