Privacy policy

The purpose of this document is to formalize the commitment with the security and privacy of your information collected through interactive services available at the fluig website.

    1. After entering their data in fluig, users must provide personal information which include, among other things, name, address, phone number, e-mail and the market in which they operate. fluig guarantees the privacy of users, as well as that of information that may be provided, according to strict security and confidentiality standards.
  • fluig will not sell or rent user personal information to third parties, nor will it use or share such information in any way other than that described in this PRIVACY POLICY without the user’s previous express consent.
  • All information provided by users may be collected and used solely and exclusively by fluig, affiliates, partners and companies in its business group. If a particular user wishes, his/her registration can be deleted or disabled.
  • fluig will only disclose the user’s information (i) when explicitly authorized by the user; (ii) by court order, or (iii) by the force of law.
  • No data transmission is totally safe in the Internet. Therefore, despite all efforts that will be made to ensure protection of users’ personal information, fluig cannot assure that the information transfered when browsing this website will be safe. It is important to mention that the users are the ones in charge of their information privacy maintenance, and must be careful and responsible whenever online.
  • The user agrees that the fluig’s obtaining and using the information provided by him/her according to this PRIVACY POLICY does not constitute in any violation of the right to privacy and secrecy of copyright, publicity or any other rights concerning the protection of personal information. Notwithstanding, the user is aware that the rights of privacy are independent and are not to be confused with intellectual property rights, image rights, rights to honor and reputation and other rights of personality, and, therefore, the information that he/she enters on fluig is not always going to be protected by them.
  • Whenever necessary, the user may update his/her personal information through several channels available in fluig.
  • The contents (text, file, image, sound) and applications (program, system) of the fluig website, and those of its associate companies, affiliates and companies of its economic group are protected by the Software Law (Law 9.609/98) and by the Copyrights Law (Law 9.610/98), and their modification, reproduction, storage, transmission, copy, distribution or any other use are forbidden, whether for commercial purposes or not, without fluig’s consent.
  • fluig will not be liable for any damages or problems resulting from delay, interruption or blocking in the transmission of data occurred on the Internet. The functions of this website are not to be confused with the provision of Internet access. Therefore, fluig is not obligated to provide information on data flow on the users who visit the website.
  • Whenever other corporations are hired to provide support services, it will be required to these other companies adapt to our privacy standards.
  • fluig may change the PRIVACY POLICY established herein, at any time, as a result of the adoption of new technologies, changes in legislation or website security and operating requirements. These occasional changes will always be available on the website, and will become effective from the date of its publication on the website. This PRIVACY POLICY neither revokes nor replaces other contractual instruments that deal with confidentiality and privacy, and that bind fluig to any user, due to the establishment of other partnerships and relationships.